Wicked Fishing is founded by Greg Lamprecht, a 37-year-old living in Brisbane’s bayside with his partner Lauren, two kids Sam, Hollie and step son Tallon.

Greg is a passionate fisherman who has been sharing his knowledge with the fishing community for over 15 years. In 2011 Greg started his own fishing media business called “Wicked Fishing” where he started producing tutorial based fishing DVD’s for various regions around Queensland. These DVD’s have been extremely popular and rated as the best reef fishing DVD’s by thousands of keen anglers around the nation.

Greg has also written hundreds of articles for fishing magazines and conducted many specialised talks/presentations at boating/fishing shows, fishing clubs and charity events. Greg recently appeared on Andrew Ettingshausen’s TV show “Escape with ET” where he took the crew wide off Bundaberg to score ET’s personal best Red Emperor of 13.5kg.

Greg has always provided quality images of his fishing experiences and this has not only given him a lot of personal satisfaction but also rewarded him with over 10 front cover magazine shots.

The key to Greg’s fishing success has been the ability to think outside the square and put huge amounts of persistence and patience in any style of his fishing. Greg always keeps an open mind to continually learn different techniques and ideas to further his knowledge.

It’s no surprise that his favourite fish to target is the highly prized Red Emperor. Very little had been published or spoken about the Red Emperor and Greg has spent thousands of hours targeting these fish and gained valuable knowledge which he has shared with thousands of people to help them achieve their very own dream fish.

Having grown up on an acreage property in the Brisbane Bayside, Greg fished the property and the surrounding neighbouring dams most days after school and throughout the weekends. Most school holidays were spent at Evans Head, northern NSW or Double Island Point north of the Sunshine Coast. He would spend all day targeting various fish species in the creeks/beaches until he was old enough to head offshore in the boat with his Dad Terry. Greg started offshore fishing when he could barely see over the side and this started off his mad offshore fishing addiction. Back then most of the offshore fishing was in close using landmarks and over the year’s technology advanced and so to the boats. In Greg’s late teens he started taking over the skipper duties and began targeting Red Emperor which was a bit of a grey area back then. Since then, Greg has learnt to target lots of different species in various locations up and down the Queensland coastline.