Quick Troll off Straddie to end 2011

10 January 2012 Categories: Trips

When the water starts warming up I love nothing more than heading out off Brisbane for a day of trolling. It’s relaxing, close to home and often gives me an opportunity to take people out who aren’t hardcore fisherman which is something I can’t do on my full on overnight reef trips. I have spent a fair amount of time chasing pelagics off North Stradbroke Island over the years and this knowledge has helped me catch fish even when the fishing is very slow. A couple days before Christmas I took the oldman and brother out in hope of locating some wahoo, yellow fin tuna, dolphin fish and billfish if we were lucky. I trolled some hard body lures around the group off straddie early morning and continued to the sevens reef where we would hook a nice little yellow fin tuna. There was no bird action to be seen and this was due to no bait being present in any of the areas I trolled. I headed wider off point lookout to an area I have done well on pelagics and a few billfish in the past. This area has no structure/bait and to look at has no reason for holding fish but my past experience there tells me otherwise so I headed straight to it. I pulled up and back the speed to around 7 knots and began to set a selection of pakula surface pushers. As I was letting the second lure out I got smashed not far from the boat and burnt my thumb in seconds while trying to keep the pressure on the spool. As I couldn’t apply much pressure the hooks soon pulled and before I could push the drag lever up I saw a nice sized billfish hit the lure again but once again not connecting. After that he didn’t return for another go and I stood there stunned at what had just taken place. I trolled the area for another 20 minutes and connected to another good fish that peeled line off at a great speed. After about 30 seconds the hooks pulled on that fish as well and I was starting to think this would not be our day. I headed down around the cathedral area and the 8kg line peeled off the tld25 as a nice dolphin fish put on a great aerial display. I had my brother grab the rod and this time it stayed connected and moments later we had the fish going crazy on the deck, which they are so well known for.


After that I trolled for about 4 hours without a touch so I headed back towards the group off straddie and put out a mixture of pushers and hard body lures. We picked up two yellow fin on the sevens reef and another 2 close boat rock before pulling the pin and heading for the bar.

Not the most productive days trolling but still relaxing and I enjoyed having my brother out there for a fish. From all reports that day we did well compared to others with many not getting a hit for a whole day of trolling. Hopefully soon the bait and fish turn up in decent numbers for all to enjoy a great day on the water.


Greg Lamprecht

One comment on “Quick Troll off Straddie to end 2011

  1. Well Done Greg, Terry & Russ – a great looking dolly and some tasty YFT as well. A good thing too – Russ looks like he could use a feed…

    We were one of those other boats that didn’t get a thing LOL (though on a different day) – slow trolled livies at the group for a few hours without a touch.

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