Big red emperor fun off Double Island Point/Fraser Island…sounder shots included – Nov 2011

03 November 2011 Categories: Trips

some of the less qaulity pics below were snap shots taken off the cam recorder which reduces resolution and clarity.

We headed out the wide bay bar with flat sea’s and stopped about 20km out to try jig some bait and to float some baits down on isolated reefs surrounding the area.  This accounted for a nice squire, Pearlie’s and Maori cod before we headed out wide in search of reds.

 After a good half a day sounding around and very little to show for our efforts I eventually ran over a large pinnacle and the sounder screen filled up with massive amounts of bait and predatory fish surrounding them. We all had a bit of a laugh knowing we were about to get mauled by some big fish and the old man was first to have his rod buckled up and line screaming off his reel. The next half hour resulted in some brutal fish smashing our baits and the conversion rate in landing these big fish was poor as fish after fish took us back into the reef and busted us off. We still managed to pull some nice Samson fish and Amberjack but we soon got sick of losing fish even though it made for some good footage. 


I moved onto another area before finding another nice pinnacle with a great show of fish on it. I said to the boys that there were some good reds close to the bottom among a school of what appeared to be hussar. 

The current was strong so I positioned the boat well forward of spot and told the boys to drop their lines. Straight away their large mullet fillets were taken and the boys had some serious fish on the other end of their lines. Dad was first to have his fish up and it was a beautiful red around 12kg and Foxy was confident his fish was a much bigger. He played the fish carefully and a cracking red hit the surface and into the net. It was solid fish and later weighed at 15.1kg so we were all happy with such quality fish and to have filmed the show on the sounder all the way through to landing the fish.

Next few drifts resulted in more big reds hitting the deck along with some of the biggest hussar you had ever seen.

The hussar started driving us mad so with moved on to an old mark I hadn’t fished in a while and I pulled a Blue Maori code followed by some more nice reds.

With the sun starting to disappear I headed to many other areas I had and fished the small isolated bumps with bait schools on them and pulled a few more fish including another nice red. I anchored up and hit the sack as the current was roaring and completely unfishable. In the morning the current had dropped out and we started pulling a parrot, hussar, moses perch, spangled emperor and a red bass but no red emperor so I pulled the anchor and went in search for new ground. 

20minutes later I found a nice rise and we had a drift.  This spot produced another red, big parrot, hussar and moses perch.

After that I decided to head back to where we had caught the big reds the day before. Both foxy and I hooked up straight away and struggled to move the fish off the bottom. I got mine coming while foxy on the other hand keep the pressure on waiting for the fish to tire so he could begin to move it in the right direction. Eventually we had both our fish in the boat and they were once again good quality with the biggest going 14.2kg. With the morning getting on and happy with the fishing results and the great footage we had captured I started making my way in.

On the way in I ran over a tiny rise on the sounder with a small speckle of fish on it. Now this spot looked so small and insufficient but knowing that I ran over it at 25 knots assured me that when I went back over it that it would appear a lot larger in size. As you can see in the below pics taken off my cam recorder  the first shot is at 25knots, the second shot was when I sounded back over it at 6knots and the third was taken while drifting over it. Not even a second after that third pic I hooked up to a solid fish and the camera swang around from that sounder shot to me buckled over the side with a nice fish. It was a red around the 11kg mark and a perfect example of how small isolated areas that don’t look like very much can produce good fish. Without a good sounder/transducer set up that can read well at speed you would never see these small isolated bumps.

sounder shot at 25knots

same spot at 6 knots

same spot at drifting speed and hooked a good red a second after this shot.

The red from the sounder pics above

Greg Lamprecht.


Some other pics of the trip

37 comments on “Big red emperor fun off Double Island Point/Fraser Island…sounder shots included – Nov 2011

  1. weldone Greg i would just love to catch 1 red of that size, before i die

    cheers adrian

  2. The moses perch is a rippa!

  3. As usual some very good fish there mate,it goes to show how you have that area
    really well worked out.
    And to think i knocked that trip back dam it.

  4. Well done Greg and Foxy you guys go well !

  5. Excellent report there guys great photos thanks.


  6. Greg Excellent mate. Are u running a 1 KW transducer on ya Furuno ? Looking at getting one .
    Always a pleaure reading ur reports buddy

    • Hi JT I’m only running a 600w through hull transducer. I wanted to use a 600w as this is what most poeple use and I want them to be able to relate to the same equipment.


  7. Those sounder shots came out great greg, look forward to seeing some video….

  8. Awesome fish and great pics as usual mate,well done

  9. Wow! what an awesome trip! how many kays do you guys clock up on a trip like that?

    Plenty of lovely meals there!!


  10. Hi Dan.

    That trip we clocked up 320km which is about average for most overnight trips I do. Lots of searching and sounding around in that 320km.


  11. Hey Greg

    Awsesome fish and report,has been a while since fishing up at DI,have to find the time,i have the 585 just wondering what range setup do you use in those sounder shots. Im still learning to fine tune it.

    Cheers Dave

  12. Hi Greg

    Great article. Cant wait for the DVD’s.

    Do you generally fish with mono or braid or both when targeting Reds? If mono, what type and Kg?

    I’v fished up 1770 and Fraser several times, but find it hard to feel the bites with mono, especially when drifting. I have lost a lot of good Reds by having a big belly of line (braid) out and the braid only has to nic to reef and your gone.


    • Hi Dan,

      I have always been more of a mono man myself and a lot of good comp fishos actually use mono over the braid as well. I have actually found myself using braid a lot lately due to strong currents though

      Braid is very effective but takes a lot to learn how to fish with it properly. We run around 10 mtrs of leader with the braid to make sure there is a bit of stretch in the line and this can be very important when chasing reds. They run hard first up and it’s not hard to break the braid or cause tackle failure elsewhere. It’s good to have some stretch there to prevent this from happening.

      Just remember that red emperor are bottom feeders and the baits need to be on the bottom at all times. This means you can run heavy leads to hold the bait on the bottom and this will eliminate most of the belly in your line.


  13. Got some serious fish there mate (again) something about cruising over a new peak that gets the blood pumping hey , keep up the top work guys, later!!

  14. hey boys good work cant wait for the dvd when abouts is it going to be out mate.

    • Thanks Gav,
      If all goes to plan hopefully mid next year. I have a lot more footage to be taken and this really depends on the weather.


  15. fair dinkom you blokes are on the ball.awesome sounder shots especially the bommy at 25knts.keep the posts coming greg….

  16. Hi Greg

    Great articles with useful information and i cant wait to get your vids when they come out.

    Just inquiring about knots and rig setups you use, as offshore reef fishing is fairly new im having the odd failure in tackle from certain brands of swivels splitting to trying diferent knots and having some of these fail. I understand its all learning but it always seems to happen when i load up on what feels like a PB fish. Any advice on what knots from braid to mono and leader knots that you have had success with would be greatly appreciated. Also do you use flourocarbon for your leader?



    • Hi Adam,

      For knots on swivels & hooks I use locked blood knots and for mono to braid I use the albright knot. I mostly use paternoster rigs for red emperor and when we are chasing snapper we will use floating rigs. We use 80lb in both braid and mono and also around 10mtrs of 80lb leader on the braid for a bit of give. Leader material we have found best is High Tensile Surecatch and Schneider. I also don’t mind using momo 55lb schneider straight onto the hooks with a running 10 ball sinker. This is ok for most species and also ok for reds as long as you keep the bait on the bottom at all times.


  17. Hi Greg, great fish mate. Obvious u really know your stuff. I have recently upgraded my boat to allow big trips, and look forward to fishing up that area. H ave fitted Furuno 620 , amazing difference between to above images at 25 / 6 knts, love to have some tuition on it , look forward to u doing article on sounders.
    Regards Mark

  18. Hi Greg,

    Bloody awesome site mate, well done. Ive been reading your articles for years and have learnt a heap from you mate thanks. Mate just wondering what rod your using now. I know its a live fibre venom, but what size is it. It certaintly looks like you can put some hurt on a fish with it. Keep up the good work, look forward to the dvd =D

    Cheers, Dean Allison.

    • Hi Dean thanks for the comment mate. The live fibre venom I use is a PE5-10 Deep Jig Overhead Rod 450G Code: RLFSSTXVOH450G.
      Extremely versatile rod and as I have mentioned before it’s the only rod I use for bottom bashing as well now.


  19. Hey mate, for all info included that would have to be one of the best articles I have read in a long time. The sounder shots at speed, idle and drift are wicked. A nice rig shot there as well, more great sounder shots and then high quality fish pics. An awesome effort overall.

    Cheers from boony

  20. Hi Greg, I don’t know if you rember me I was interested in looking at your new boat a while back as I was thinking of getting a new one built,but needless to say I havent started the project as yet I drove down one saturday after talking to you on the phone to have a look not long after you and Dad had finished,This is first time I have been on your website and I must say One of the best layed out formats I have ever seen for all people to follow and enjoy. I was reading about your trips to 1770 I had to write a few lines to tell you about a trip to 1770 that my Dad and myself made approx 20 years ago.We had 24 foot Shark Cat diesel and we took theboat up by water from Mooloolaba up past DI across WideBay Bar and up through the Sandy Straights out past leads to Round Hill. To get more to point we only got out for one trip only and that was a overnighter. This was one hell of a eye opener to say the least We fished approx 9 miles east of Fitzroy reef in approx 117 to 130 meters deep with fish rising from the bottom to 30 meters high , this went on for nearly kilometer then Dad said where are going to anchor, with that I said it dosent matter so we dropped the pick and we pulled Snapper all afternoon and into the night. After cleaning and packing on ice we got some shuteye ,we woke to a NW wind so we fished for while caught a dozen or so Rosey Jobfish . The wind was getting stronger so we headed for home. All the fish we caught where quality fish rangeing from 3KG to7KG ,well I had better stop going on with my venture and sign off till next time. Cheers , Shane Saunderson.

    • Hi Shane,
      Yes I certainly recall who you are and it’s good to hear from you again. Thanks for the comment mate it’s much appreciated and thanks for sharing your story as well. The area along the shelf off 1770 which you have discribed can produce loads of snapper during the right time of the year. They school up in big numbers and like you say they all seem to be of a good size.


  21. Hi Greg,
    Visiting from Nugget’s. Great well put together reports mate.
    Looking foward to our trip to bunker group in june.
    Best of luck and congrats on an informitive site.


  22. Hi Greg,

    Great catch and I learnt a lot reading your articles. Was fishing up Hervey Bay and one thing drove me nuts. I can’t seem to hook one of those brown maori cod when the boat got 4 of them on a recent trip up hervey bay. Got any tips? I would really appreciate it.



    • Hi Ivan,

      Brown Maori Cod are a common catch so I’m sure it won’t be long before you catch one. These fish are suckers for large whole baits like yakkas, slimey mackerel and any other whole baits to be honest. Using a paternoster rig will be the most effective way to catch these fish.

      Good luck


  23. Do you have a Facebook fan page for your site?

  24. hi greg,im thinking about getting a furuno 585 and not sure if i should get the 1kw transducer or the 600w.I only fish up to 70-80mtr so dont know whether i will need the 1kw transducer,what are your thoughts.cheers liam

    • Greg on said:

      Hi Liam,
      It’s a tough decision to make and comes down to personal preference and boat. While a 1kw transducer is required in deep water some argue that it’s also very effective in shallow water and has an advantage of a wider angle beam while using it in low frequency meaning you sound a larger area. I have looked at the cone/beam angles in this scenario and you gain very little extra beam angle compared to a 600w in high frequency. Having it in low frequency opposed to high frequency at speed can also cause too much interference and will cloud the screen depending on the boat.

      I often fish in water to 140mtrs for pearlies and the 600w transducer has no issues at all. If you’re looking at fishing in water from around 150-500 plus mtrs than I wouldn’t hesitate to go 1KW.

      I have asked myself this question before. Would I catch more fish if I was using a 1kw transducer in the depths I fish? I think not.

      I’m happy with the detail and readings from the 585 with a 600w transducer and would imagine you would happy with this set up yourself.


      • Hey Greg,
        Thanks for the great advice really appreciate it,as it has made my decision easier and I will be getting the 600w transducer transom mount.I will let u know how it goes once I get it hooked up and do a few trips,thanks mate.

        Cheers Liam

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